LAW 076 v00 : International Migration and Development

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LAW 076 v00: International Migration and Development
International Migration and Development
W 3:30-6:00p
5 Law Center students (2 J.D. 3-credit WR students, 1 J.D. 3-credit Paper student, 2 LL.M. 3-credit Paper students) + additional Main Campus students
Writing Requirement/Paper


Priority is given to students fulfilling the requirements of the Certificate in Refugees and Humanitarian Emergencies and to students enrolled in the Certificate Program in International Human Rights Law.

See the schedule of courses on the Main Campus Registrar's website for room assignments. Law Center students may register only through the Law Center's registration system.

This seminar requires a paper. J.D. students must register for the 3 credit WR section of the seminar (LAWJ-076-09) if they wish to write a paper fulfilling the Upperclass Legal Writing Requirement.

This course is cross-listed with the School of Foreign Service and meets on the main campus. Be aware this course may run on a different calendar than the Law Center during weeks where there is a holiday. Please take this into consideration when creating your schedule so that you have flexibility to attend the class on a different day, but at the same time.

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