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LAW 1434 v00 : Governing Automated Decisions

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Spring 2021
JD Adjunct
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dgr32 Robinson, David
LAW 1434 v00: Governing Automated Decisions
Governing Automated Decisions
M 9:00-11:00a
16 (10 2-credit Paper, 6 3-credit Writing Requirement)
Paper/Writing Requirement


This seminar requires a paper. J.D. students must register for the 3 credit section of the seminar if they wish to write a paper fulfilling the Upperclass Legal Writing Requirement. The paper requirements of the 2 credit section will not fulfill the J.D. Upperclass Legal Writing Requirement.

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David Robinson is Managing Director and co-founder of Upturn, based in Washington DC. Upturn works to give people a meaningful voice in how digital technology shapes their lives, so that technology can promote the dignity and well-being of all people. Professor Robinson served as lead drafter of broadly endorsed Civil Rights Principles for the Era of Big Data, and currently leads Upturn's efforts on the civil rights impact of automated predictions in criminal justice. Professor Robinson is also a Visiting Fellow of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. More information about Professor Robinson's work can be found

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