LAW 1532 v00 : Advanced Legal Writing for International Business Lawyers

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Fall 2020
JD Adjunct
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LAW 1532 v00: Advanced Legal Writing for International Business Lawyers
Advanced Legal Writing for International Business Lawyers
Th 11:10a-1:10p
16 (LAWJ: 15/LAWG: 1)
Special Requirement


Legal Practice: Writing and Analysis.


Prior or concurrent enrollment in Corporations is recommended but not required.

Students may not receive credit for both this seminar and the Advanced Legal Writing Seminar, Advanced Legal Writing and Practice for Judicial Clerks and Civil Litigators, Advanced Legal Writing: Legal Writing as a Discipline, Advanced Legal Writing: Practical Skills from Retail Industry Examples, or Writing for Law Practice.

Students may request a withdrawal from an academic advisor through the due date of the final draft of Writing Project #2.

LL.M. STUDENTS: THIS COURSE REQUIRES DEPARTMENTAL PERMISSION TO ENROLL. LL.M. students cannot register or put themselves on the waitlist for this course through MyAccess. Students interested in taking this course should send an e-mail to indicating their interest in the course and their previous exposure to U.S. legal writing.

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