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LAW 1625 v00 : Technology Policy and the Practice of Law in the Digital Age

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Fall 2020
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coyneh Brill, Hillary
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LAW 1625 v00: Technology Policy and Practice
Technology Policy and the Practice of Law in the Digital Age
Th 1:20-3:20p


Students may not receive credit for both this course and Communications and Technology Policy: Advocacy in the Public Interest (Fieldwork Practicum).

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A.B., magna cum laude, Harvard; Raoul Wallenberg Fellow, Hebrew University; J.D., cum laude, Georgetown.  Hillary Brill is Head of eBay’s DC office and her main responsibilities include covering Internet policy issues, specifically with a focus on Internet economy issues such as financial services, intermediary liability issues, cross border trade, shipping/postal, tax, privacy, and cyber security issues. Hillary’s former roles at eBay included, Senior Global Counsel at eBay, Senior Legislative Counsel, and Head Lobbyist. Prior to eBay she worked for Congressman Rick Boucher, Member of Judiciary and Energy and Commerce issues where she was Legislative Counsel and focused primarily on technology and communications issues. Before that, she worked at Covington & Burling as a communications associate working on technology, communications, and intellectual property regulation, litigation, and legislative matters. Hillary formerly taught US Legal Discourse at Georgetown Law and Practicing Policy in the Internet Economy.

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