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LAW 220 v02 : Homelessness, Poverty, and Legal Advocacy Seminar

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Fall 2020
JD Adjunct
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LAW 220 v02: Homelessness, Poverty, and Legal Advocacy Seminar
Homelessness, Poverty, and Legal Advocacy Seminar
Th 11:10a-1:10p

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 A.B. cum laude, J.D. cum laude, Georgetown. Professor Mullahy Fugere is one of the co-founders and, since 1991, has served as Executive Director of the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless. The Legal Clinic provides pro bono civil legal assistance families and individuals experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity in the District of Columbia. Prior to assuming this position, she served as president of the Legal Clinic's board of directors and was in private practice with the law firm of Reno, Cavanaugh & Hornig, specializing in affordable housing law and homelessness issues. Professor Mullahy Fugere serves on the District of Columbia Access to Justice Commission, and chairs the board of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice. 

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