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LAW 358 v00 : Presentation Skills For Lawyers Seminar

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Summer 2020
JD Adjunct
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wolvina Wolvin, Andrew
LAW 358 v00: Presentation Skills For Lawyers Seminar
Presentation Skills For Lawyers Seminar
W 6:00-9:20p
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Professor Wolvin is a professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Maryland where he teaches courses in public speaking, speechwriting, and listening behavior. Founding chair of the department at Maryland, he also has been a Visiting Professor at Cornell University. Named one of the top 100 active researchers in communication studies, Professor Wolvin has published several books, research studies, and essays on public speaking, listening, and communication management. Professionally, he has been president of the International Listening Association and the Eastern Communication Association, and he has held several offices in the National Communication Association. A Lilly Teaching Fellow, Professor Wolvin also works as a professional speech coach, and has been an anchor on the UMTV cable channel. He received a National Communication Association Teaching/Learning Scholar award and the first Outstanding Teacher award from the International Listening Association. The International Listening Association recently honored him with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his extensive research on listening behavior.

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