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LAW 403 v04 : Rule of Law and the Administration of Justice

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Fall 2020
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llb29 Bhansali, Lisa
LAW 403 v04: Rule of Law and the Administration of Justice
Rule of Law and the Administration of Justice
M 3:30p-5:30p
18 (LAWJ: 9/LAWG: 9)


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B.A., University of Michigan; M.P.P., Columbia University; J.D., Georgetown. Lisa Bhansali is a Governance and Anti-corruption Adviser with the World Bank. She has also been a Senior Public Sector Management Specialist, working in the Poverty Reduction & Economic Management (PREM) department of the World Bank. Her areas of focus include justice sector reform, public administration, and institutional strengthening, including rule of law in post-conflict states and fragile states. She has been the Task Manager of a number of projects and analytical studies in Africa, Latin American and the Caribbean, EU Accession states, and East Asia. Professor Bhansali served as a Senior Counsel in the World Bank's Legal Vice-Presidency, and from 1996-2001, she worked at the Inter-American Development Bank on Modernization of the State projects with a focus on criminal justice reform. She has also worked for the Open Society Institute and served as a Political Affairs Officer in the United Nations. Professor Bhansali received her Bachelor in Arts and Sciences from the University of Michigan; holds a Masters in Public Policy from Columbia University; and studied law at Georgetown University. She is admitted to practice in State of New York, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Supreme Court. Some of her publications include Measuring the Impact of Criminal Justice Reform in Latin America), in Promoting the Rule of Law Abroad: In Search of Knowledge (Carothers, ed., Carnegie, 2006); Engendering Justice: a Gender Assessment's Impact on Project Design (World Bank, 2005); Procedural Shortcomings in the Defense of Human Rights: An Inequality of Arms (Harris & Livingstone, eds., Oxford University Press, 1998).

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