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LAW 833 v00 : Estate Planning: Estate and Gift Tax

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LAW 833 v00: Estate Planning: Estate and Gift Tax
Estate Planning: Estate and Gift Tax
TTh 5:45-8:45p
In-Class Exam


Federal Income Taxation (formerly Taxation I), Decedents' Estates or equivalent, or concurrent enrollment in Wills & Trusts. This course is taught at an advanced level, and it is strongly recommended that students have completed Income Taxation of Trusts, Estates, and Beneficiaries and a J.D. course in Estate and Gift Tax, or possess equivalent practice experience.


Students pursuing the Estate Planning Certificate must attend a mandatory Introductory Session on and take Income Taxation of Trusts, Estates and Beneficiaries, Estate and Gift Tax, and Special Topics in Transfer Tax. Students not pursuing the Certificate may take one or more of the classes, but also must attend the Intro Session even if they only take one class.
Withdrawals are permitted up until the last class for this specific course.
JD students: THIS COURSE REQUIRES PROFESSOR PERMISSION TO ENROLL. Please contact Ellis Duncan via email at no later than August 1, 2018 for permission to take this class.

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