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LAW 936 v02 : Law of War Seminar

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LAW 936 v02: Law of War Seminar
Law of War Seminar
M 7:55-9:55p
In-Class Exam


Students may not receive credit for both this seminar and Law of War, the International Law of Armed Conflict Seminar or War Crimes and Prosecutions.

Would you like to offer the Pass/Fail grading option?

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B.A. (International Studies), General and Departmental Honors, Johns Hopkins and Johns Hopkins Bologna Center; M.S. (Foreign Service), J.D., magna cum laude, Georgetown. Professor Schoettler is an Assistant General Counsel of USEC Inc., where he practices public and private international law in the field of nuclear energy. From 1983 until 2003, he served on both active duty and in the Reserves as a U.S. Army Judge Advocate, retiring in 2013 as a colonel. For 20 years, he served as a Reservist in the U.S. Army Office of the Judge Advocate General, including as the Assistant Chief (IMA) of the International and Operational Law Division, where he contributed to the forthcoming DoD Law of War Manual. His last duty assignment was with the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office, where he served as Deputy Counsel and Staff Judge Advocate, U.S. Army Element. Professor Schoettler is the co-author of The War on Terror and the Laws of War: A Military Perspective, published by Oxford University Press (2d ed. 2015) and The Law of Armed Conflict: An Operational Approach, published by Wolters Kluwer (2012).

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