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LAW 854 v00 : Income Tax Accounting

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Fall 2020
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LAW 854 v00: Income Tax Accounting
Income Tax Accounting
Th 5:45-7:45p
36 (LAWG: 28/LAWJ: 8)
In-Class Exam


Federal Income Taxation (formerly Taxation I), but a knowledge of financial accounting is not necessary for this course.


This class, Income Tax Accounting, is required for U.S. trained students pursuing the Taxation LL.M. degree. This class is not required for students trained outside the U.S. Please note that J.D. students MAY NOT register for the section of this course with Professor Smiley.

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Professor Wood leads the RSM's Washington National Tax Accounting Methods and Periods team. With more than 18 years of experience in public accounting, the public sector and law, He consults with clients and firm internal tax personnel on matters addressing tax accounting issues. He provides research and analysis on a variety of tax technical issues in the accounting and methods functional area to include income and expense recognition, capitalization of inventory methods, amortization or depreciation, changes in methods of accounting and accounting periods.

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