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LAW 110 v07 : Copyright Law

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Spring 2021
JD Adjunct
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jb342 Band, Jonathan
LAW 110 v07: Copyright Law
Copyright Law
W 5:45-8:50p
70 (LAWJ: 63/LAWG: 7)
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B.A. magna cum laude, Harvard; J.D., Yale. After nearly 20 years in the Washington, D.C., office of Morrison & Foerster LLP, Professor Band established his own law firm in May, 2005. His areas of practice include intellectual property, appellate litigation, and Internet regulation. He has testified before the Senate Committee of the Judiciary on patent litigation reform; the House Subcommittee on Courts and Intellectual Property on the First Sale Doctrine and the Collections of Information Antipiracy Act; and the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Fair Use. Professor Band has written extensively on intellectual property matters; he co-authored Interfaces on Trial: Intellectual Property and Interoperability in the Global Software Industry (Westview Press 1995), Interfaces on Trial 2.0 (MIT Press 2011), Interfaces on Trial 3.0 (2018) and over 100 articles. He has been a guest lecturer on intellectual property topics at various law schools, including Yale, Harvard, and Columbia. He has been an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law since 2000.

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