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LAW 1491 v01 : Externship I Seminar (J.D. Externship Program)

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Spring 2021
JD Adjunct
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LAW 1491 v01: Externship I Seminar (J.D. Externship Program)
Externship I Seminar (J.D. Externship Program)
W 5:45pm-7:45pm
1/27; 2/10; 2/24; 3/10; 3/24; 4/7
Special Requirement


Students may not concurrently enroll in this course and a clinic, fieldwork practicum, or other externship course.

This course is mutually exclusive with the Government Lawyering (Fieldwork Practicum) and all prior D.C. Advantage practicum courses.

Would you like to offer the Pass/Fail grading option?

Does this course qualify as a "simulation course"?

Is this course available to distance students?

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