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LAW 223 v02 : Insurance Law: Litigation and Regulation

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LAW 223 v02: Insurance Law: Litigation and Regulation
Insurance Law: Litigation and Regulation
M 5:45-7:45p
24 (LAWJ: 20/LAWG: 4)
In-Class Exam


Torts (or Government Processes), Civil Procedure (or Legal Process and Society), and Contracts (or Bargain, Exchange, and Liability).



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Throughout his career in private practice, Professor Mayerson has focused on complex insurance matters, especially representing policyholders in litigation and arbitration seeking recovery under property-casualty insurance policies (such as policies covering general liability, product liability, directors/officers liability, fiduciary liability, and property damage, including business interruption and other losses from natural disasters). He serves as an arbitrator and insurance mediator for the American Arbitration Association; he also arbitrates attorneys-fee disputes for the DC Bar. He has written widely on insurance issues, including insurance company bad faith, insurance for contaminated and genetically modified foods, pre-trial and trial management of complex insurance cases, environmental-liability insurance, insurance for cybercrime and for ecommerce, the history of liability insurance in the US, and settlement of complex insurance disputes; Professor Mayerson co-edits a leading practice guide on insurance law. He has taught insurance law also at The George Washington University Law School and was a Teaching Fellow at Harvard College. After graduating from Harvard Law School, where he had been a member of the Harvard Law Review, Professor Mayerson served as a law clerk for the Honorable Stephen R. Reinhardt, US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

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