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LAW 309 v03 : Congressional Investigations Seminar

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LAW 309 v03: Congressional Investigations Seminar
Congressional Investigations Seminar
Th 5:45-7:45p
24 (LAWG: 2/LAWJ: 22)


Criminal Justice (or Democracy and Coercion) or Criminal Procedure.

Students may not receive credit for both this seminar and Congressional Oversight of the Executive Branch or Congressional Investigations and the Modern Government Inquiry.

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B.S., Boston College; J.D., Georgetown. Professor Muse is a partner with Cunningham Levy Muse LLP. Previously, he was a member of the firm Stein, Mitchell, Muse, Cipollone & Beato and a staff attorney at the District of Columbia Public Defender Service. As an adjunct professor, Professor Muse taught Trial Practice at the Law Center and has also been an instructor of Trial Practice at the Continuing Legal Education Program of the District of Columbia Bar Association. Professor Muse has also participated in the trial practice programs at Harvard Law School. His experience in congressional investigations includes Assistant Counsel for the Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities of the Senate Watergate Committee and most recently, General Counsel to the Senate Special Hurricane Katrina Investigation.

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