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LAW 824 v01 : State and Local Taxation: Other Business Taxes

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LAW 824 v01: State and Local Taxation: Other Business Taxes
State and Local Taxation: Other Business Taxes
W 5:45-7:45p
54 (LAWG: 30/LAWJ: 10/LAWD: 14)
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Federal Income Taxation (formerly Taxation I).


DISTANCE STUDENTS REGISTER FOR CRN#: 35241. This course is open to both on campus and distance students. Executive LL.M. in Taxation, the Executive LL.M. in Securities & Financial Regulation, the MSL program, and the certificate in State and Local Taxation, may take this course on a distance basis.. All J.D. students and resident LL.M. students may not enroll in this course on a distance basis.

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Professor Tatarowicz is a Professor in the Graduate Tax Program at Georgetown and Faculty Advisor of the State and Local Tax (SALT) Certificate Program. He is also Of Counsel at the law firm of Morrison & Foerster LLP in Washington, D.C. Professor Tatarowicz has taught at the Law Center as an adjunct professor since 1984, and became a full-time professor in the Graduate Tax Program in 2011. Prior to joining the Law Center full-time, he served as the national leader of the State & Local Tax Practice at Ernst & Young LLP. He teaches and writes on issues that address multijurisdictional taxation, as well as federal limitations on the powers of local governments to tax. Professor Tatarowicz also serves as faculty advisor to the Tax Lawyer and The State and Local Tax Lawyer, and since 1982, he has chaired the Law Center's Advanced State and Local Tax Institute.

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