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LAW 044 v02 : Appellate Practice Seminar

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LAW 044 v02: Appellate Practice Seminar
Appellate Practice Seminar
T 3:30-5:30p
Writing Requirement


Prior or concurrent enrollment in one or both of the following courses: Advanced Legal Writing; Trial Practice.

Students may not receive credit for both this seminar and the Appellate Courts and Advocacy Seminar, or the Appellate Litigation Clinic, or the Appellate Practice Workshop (LAW 049 or LAW 1414).

FIRST CLASS ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY. All enrolled and waitlisted students must be in attendance at the start of the first class session in order to be eligible for a seat in the class.

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Professor Patterson has been an attorney with the Appellate Staff of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Division since 2007. She has been lead counsel for the government in over forty appeals and has argued thirty cases in federal and state courts of appeals. She clerked for Judge Raymond C. Fisher of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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