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LAW 2055 v00 : Investment Treaty Arbitration, Public International Law, and Landmark Judgments of the ICJ

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Spring 2021
LLM Adjunct
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jr Rivas, Jose Antonio
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LAW 2055 v00: Investment Treaty Arbitration, Public International Law, and Landmark Judgments of the ICJ
Investment Treaty Arbitration, Public International Law, and Landmark Judgments of the ICJ
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International Law I: Introduction to International Law (or the equivalent International Law I); Litigation Practice in International Arbitration; or Investor-State Dispute Settlement.

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Personal Information


Professor Rivas is an Adjunct Professor of “Investment Treaty Arbitration, Public International Law, and Landmark Judgments of the ICJ.”  He has taught Trade and Integration also at GULC, and is a former professor of Public International Law at the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia.  

He is Managing Director of Vannin Capital, where he works with parties from a wide range of industries that require funding to solve their disputes through international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. He advises clients on existing and tailored-made options to fund their cases, as part of the Global International Arbitration team. His sophisticated understanding of international investment and international commercial arbitration comes from working in various capacities in international arbitration, including as counsel for private parties and sovereign clients, arbitrator in international and domestic arbitrations, lead negotiator of investment treaties, and ICSID Counsel.

As a practitioner, he concentrated his practice in international investment arbitration and public international law, representing sovereign States and private parties before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and the International Chamber of Commerce.  He provided counsel in investment treaty arbitration cases, including a case involving investments in electricity generating powerships, and in matters involving the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the protection of underwater cultural heritage, and territorial and maritime disputes.  He is former Foreign Investment Director of the Ministry of Trade of Colombia where he conducted a program to strengthen the State’s readiness in case of investor-State arbitration and headed the drafting and updating of the Colombian International Investment Agreement (IIA) Model. Based on this Model, he successfully concluded over twelve IIA negotiations with States from Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia which included bilateral investment treaties and investment chapters of free trade agreements (FTAs). In his former capacity he also led negotiations for Colombia of cross border trade in services and telecommunications chapters of several FTAs. Professor Rivas is former Counsel of ICSID and has substantial experience on ICSID and UNCITRAL rules of arbitration. He received his Doctorate in Law in Juridical Science –SJD– with Distinction after writing on rules of interpretation in public international law and international trade law, GATT XXIV, and rules of origin of regional trade agreements.

Commentary of the Model Investment Treaty of "Colombia", Commentaries on Selected Model Investment Treaties (Oxford Commentaries on International Law) (Oxford University Press, forthcoming January, 2013), pp. 183-244.

“Implementation of Investment Treaty Obligations and Management of
International Investment Disputes", Investor-State Disputes: Prevention and Alternatives to
Arbitration II, UNCTAD (Geneva), 2010, pp.87-92.

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Treaty Arbitration. The Controversies and Conflicts, Kluwer Law International (The Hague),
2008, pp. 162-193 (with David Pawlak)

“Do Rules of Origin in Free Trade Agreements Comply with Article XXIV
GATT? (Chapter 7)” Regional Trade Agreements and the WTO Legal System Oxford University Press (New York), 2003, pp.158-170

“Agreements for the Protection of Foreign Investments”, in Al Derecho, Edición Especial 40 Años, Universidad de Los Andes (Bogotá), 2008 (with Santiago Wills)

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