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LAW 326 v00 : Non-Profit Organizations Seminar

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LAW 326 v00: Non-Profit Organizations Seminar
Non-Profit Organizations Seminar
M 3:30-5:30p

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Personal Information

A member of the Law Center community since 1976, Professor Conry's responsibilities include development, alumni affairs, and public relations. As the chief advancement officer for the Law Center, he is responsible for fundraising, the establishment and administration of alumni programs, the publication of the school's magazine, Georgetown Law, the management of media relations services, leading the planning process for real estate development on the law center campus, and focusing on the school’s relationship with the Washington community. In addition, Professor Conry is responsible for managing the business side of the Law Center’s growing international operations. Prior to assuming those responsibilities, Professor Conry was an Assistant Dean for the JD Program and the Assistant Dean for Administration with responsibilities for the campus expansion program. He has served on the Faculty Recruiting, Academic Standards, Financial Aid, New Building, and Long-Range Planning Committees. He is active in the law advancement sections of the AALS and the ABA. An adjunct faculty member of the faculty, he teaches a seminar on law and non-profit organizations. His community service involves volunteer work for Blessed Sacrament Catholic Community and Carpenter's Shelter.
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