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LAW 775 v01 : Special Topics in State and Local Taxation

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sal74 Lipinski Galland, Stephanie
LAW 775 v01: Special Topics in State and Local Taxation
Special Topics in State and Local Taxation
M 5:45-7:45p
54 (LAWG: 30/LAWJ: 10/LAWD: 14)
Take-Home Exam


Federal Income Taxation (formerly Taxation I).


DISTANCE STUDENTS REGISTER FOR CRN#: 35374. This course is open to both on campus and distance students. However, only students enrolled in the Executive LL.M. in Taxation, the Executive LL.M. in Securities & Financial Regulation, the MSL program, and the certificate in State and Local Taxation, may take this course on a distance basis. All J.D. students and resident LL.M. students may not enroll in this course on a distance basis.

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Professor Lipinski Galland is a private practitioner that specializes in the field of State and Local taxation. She has experience as a Director of Taxation for a Fortune 250 corporation and with the Virginia Department of Taxation. She is a past Chair of the American Bar Association State and Local Tax Committee, current member of the ABA State and Local Committee Executive Board, Editor of the ABA State and Local Tax Lawyer, member of the Georgetown Law Center State and Local Tax Advanced Institute, and member of the BNA State and Local Tax Advisory Board. Professor Lipinski Galland is a member of the Virginia, District of Columbia, U.S. Court of Appeal, U.S. Tax Court and the U.S. Supreme Court Bars. She also has published numerous articles in the area of state and local taxation for BNA, State Tax Notes, The Practical Tax lawyer,, Aspatore Books, and the NYU Tax Law Review, and state and local tax publications. Professor Lipinski Galland has also presented numerous papers at multiple state and local institutes and seminars across the country and Canada.

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