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LAW 955 v00 : International Bankruptcy

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LAW 955 v00: International Bankruptcy
International Bankruptcy
T 6:40-8:30p
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For JD students: Prior or concurrent enrollment in a bankruptcy course


This course is co-taught by Professor Neureiter from Georgetown Law and Professor Lapowsky from Penn Law.  For each class session, the Georgetown students and Professor Neureiter will be in a classroom on the Georgetown Law campus. Students at Georgetown will be able to see and hear the lecturer and direct questions to him. There will be class at St. John's during Georgetown Spring Break (March 13, 2018); however, Georgetown students are not expected to attend that day because of Georgetown Spring Break. That class session will be taped and Georgetown students will review the tape individually, or may review it together at a mutually agreed date and time. Please contact Tiffany Joly, Executive Director of LL.M. Academic Services, if you have any questions about the course format or content ( ).

Note for LL.M. and J.D. students: Students must attend all classes at Georgetown Law.

This course is mandatory pass/fail. Note for JD students only: This course is mandatory pass/fail and will not count toward the 7 credit pass/fail limit.

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