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LAW 058 v03 : Business Planning Seminar

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Fall 2020
JD Adjunct
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jcd239 Davis, Jacob
LAW 058 v03: Business Planning Seminar
Business Planning Seminar
Th 5:45-8:50p
25 (LAWG: 5/LAWJ: 20)


Corporations; Federal Income Taxation (formerly Taxation I).

Securities Regulation. Students who wish to take this seminar should make every effort to fulfill the prerequisites in their second year of the full-time program or third year of the part-time program.

Corporate Taxation.

Students may not receive credit for this seminar and International Tax and Business Planning Workshop or Corporate Transactions: Negotiating the Deal and Drafting the Documents.

Students may not withdraw from this class after the add/drop period ends without the permission of the professor.

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