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LAW 1295 v00 : Intellectual Property Appellate Advocacy

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LAW 1295 v00: Intellectual Property Appellate Advocacy
Intellectual Property Appellate Advocacy
M 6:15-8:15p


At least one course in Patent Law or Copyright Law, or instructors’ approval.


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As Special Counsel for IP Litigation at the PTO’s Solicitor’s Office, Professor LaMarca represents the PTO in patent and IP litigation.  Primarily, that includes:  arguing appeals at the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, trial work in section 145 and 1071(b) cases, and defending the agency in other civil suits throughout the nation.  Professor LaMarca has appeared as lead or co-counsel on over 100 appeals and defended the agency in a wide array of civil suits.  Substantively, he has litigated a spectrum of issues spanning patent, trademark and copyright questions to broader issues of jurisdiction, procedure, admin law and cases focused in specialized areas (e.g., reexamination, reissue, AIA-PGR proceedings, etc.).  Professor LaMarca also periodically works with SG’s Office, DOJ’s Civil Division and other executive branch components to assist with the government’s briefing of IP issues before the US Supreme Court and other circuit courts of appeal.  On rotational assignment, Professor LaMarca also served as a Special Assistant US Attorney (DC US Attorney's Office - Criminal Division) and was lead prosecutor on over 20 criminal bench trials.  Beyond litigation, Professor LaMarca advises the agency on domestic/international IP matters, e.g., legislation, rule-making, agency decisions and policy matters. Previously, Professor LaMarca was in private practice concentrating in IP litigation, prosecution and counseling and also served several years as an examiner.  Prior to law school, Professor LaMarca worked for the Boeing Airplane Co. as an experimental flight test/design engineer where he was licensed as a PE and since 1995 has also served as a United States Naval Officer (Reserve EDO).

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