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LAW 364 v06 : Public Health Law and Ethics

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Spring 2021
JD Adjunct
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njd9 Diamond, Nicholas
LAW 364 v06: Public Health Law and Ethics
Public Health Law and Ethics
T 5:45-8:50p
75 (LAWJ: 65/LAWG: 10)
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Nicholas J. Diamond, JD, LLM, MBe is an advisor and interdisciplinary academic. His expertise focuses on global health law, public international law, and international arbitration.

At Avalere, a leading advisory firm of over 200 multidisciplinary professionals focused exclusively on the health sector, Nick’s clients range from large biopharmaceutical companies to small advocacy organizations, and his work spans U.S. and international health policy and regulatory matters.

Nick is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown Law, where he teaches several courses relating to the health sector, and an Associate Scholar in the Center for Global Health at the University of Pennsylvania. He holds related affiliations as a member of the Executive Committee of the Framework Convention on Global Health Alliance (a Geneva-based NGO) and a Contributor to Harvard Law’s Bill of Health Blog.

Nick is a PhD candidate in public international law at Leiden Law School. His research focuses on human rights considerations in international investment law. He holds related affiliations as an Assistant Editor of Wolters Kluwer’s Kluwer Arbitration Blog, a Contributor to Oxford University Press’ Investment Claims, and a member of the Peer Review Board of the ICSID Review.

Earlier in his career, Nick led global market strategy for the health sector at MarkLogic, one of the few privately owned Silicon Valley technology companies valued at over $1B USD, as well as served in advisory roles to the U.S. government during implementation of landmark healthcare reform legislation. He has previously taught at The George Washington University (2016-19) and Drexel University (2013-14), as well as served as an Adjunct Fellow in the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Public Health Initiatives (2016-19). His work has appeared in law reviews, peer-reviewed journals, and popular media outlets. He has lectured in various academic and industry fora, as well as appeared on U.S. news programs as an expert commentator.

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