Trusts and Estates

LAW 702 v00 Advanced Partnership Taxation

LL.M Course | 2 credit hours

Focuses on the skills necessary (including review of transactional documents) for a tax attorney involved in advising on partnership structuring matters. Topics will include drafting the partnership agreement, allocations of tax items, amortization of partnership intangibles, classification/conversions, interplay of partnership rules on debt restructuring application of various gain triggers upon exiting from partnerships, partnership mergers and divisions, partnership equity-based compensation, and the partnership anti-abuse rules.

Prerequisite: Federal Income Taxation; Taxation of Partnerships. Neither prerequisite may be taken concurrently.

LAW 134 v00 Decedents' Estates

J.D. Course | 4 credit hours

This course addresses intestate succession; wills, their execution, revocation, and contest; nonprobate transfers; the nature, creation, and termination of trusts; and the interpretation and legal consequences of dispositive provisions, including problems involving survivorship interests, class gifts, powers of appointment, and the rule against perpetuities. Modern planning for elder incapacity and the fiduciary responsibilities of wealth management trustees are discussed.

Recommended: Prior or concurrent enrollment in Property.

Mutually Excluded Courses: Students may not receive credit for both this course and Wills & Trusts.

LAW 1779 v00 Roman Law Seminar: Family, Property, and Succession

J.D. Seminar | 2 credit hours

Roman law developed over the course of more than one thousand years, and it  continues to influence contemporary legal systems throughout the world. In this  course, we will examine the portions of Roman private law that correspond to the  Anglo-American law of family, property, and wills and estates. Readings will consist of  excerpts (in translation) from Roman legal sources, principally Justinian’s Digest. No  background knowledge of Roman law or of Roman history is required.


Note: Laptop use is not permitted in this course (unless necessary to conduct Zoom instruction).

LAW 948 v00 Tax Treatment of Charities and Other Nonprofit Organizations

LL.M Course (cross-listed) | 2 credit hours

Studies the treatment of charities and other nonprofit organizations, including private foundations, churches, hospitals, trade associations, social clubs, and political organizations under the federal income tax law. Among the topics covered are the characteristics of the various classes of exempt organizations, the legislative policies underlying their exemption from tax, problems associated with qualification for and retention of exemption, joint ventures, the unrelated business income tax including corporate sponsorship, the declaratory judgment remedy, implications of racial discrimination, international activities and the treatment of lobbying and political expenditures.

Prerequisite: Federal Income Taxation.