J.D./LL.M. in International Business and Economic Law

The J.D./LL.M. joint degree program in International Business & Economic Law (IBEL) enables Georgetown Law students to earn a J.D. degree and an LL.M. in IBEL in a total of seven full-time semesters (or somewhat longer if they choose to complete the program on a part time basis). This program is only open to students who are earning their JD at Georgetown Law.

Georgetown J.D. students who are admitted to this program and take the requisite number of qualifying courses during their J.D. studies will be able to complete an LL.M. degree in one additional semester (or somewhat longer if they choose to complete the program on a part time basis).

Under this program, students may count 12 credits that they completed in connection with their J.D. degree toward the LL.M. degree. Of these 12 J.D.-period credits, at least 8 credits must consist of courses that qualify as "specialization credits" for the LL.M. in IBEL. Additionally, students in this program are expected, while still J.D. students, to complete International Law I and Corporations. Following completion and conferral of the J.D. degree, students must complete an additional 12 credits of coursework, including at least 8 additional "specialization credits", and must meet the other requirements for the degree. For more information about the degree in IBEL, the required courses for the degree, and the other courses that count as "specialization credits" toward the degree, see the LL.M. Curriculum page.

Students apply for the program at the end of their 2L or 3E year. 

For more information, contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.