LL.M. in Global Health Law and International Institutions

All Global Health Law and International Institutions LL.M. candidates are enrolled in the 4-credit Global Health Law course. Working with their academic advisor, candidates select courses from Georgetown Law’s unparalleled health law curriculum, with more than 30 courses addressing domestic and global health law.

At the Graduate Institute, students must complete 24 specialization credits, selecting from courses in international law, humanitarian law, international trade law, international environmental law, refugee law and policy, international affairs, and international development studies, including:

  • Global Health Diplomacy

  • Human Rights Through the Concepts

  • Treatymaking in Contemporary International Society

  • Judicial Interpretation of Human Rights

  • Terrorism and International Law

  • Advanced Seminar on WTO Jurisprudence

  • The Security Council and Issues of Responsibility

  • The Fight Against Torture, Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment

  • International Criminal Courts and Tribunals (Academy)

  • The UN and the Emerging Culture of Impunity (Academy)

  • Multilateral Governance and International Organizations

  • Global Environmental Governance

  • Environment, Population and Development

  • Managing the Global Commons

  • International Migration

  • Water Conflicts, Security and Cooperation

Students must complete either an approved internship or dissertation worth 15 credits.

  • The full-time internship must last for a minimum of 4 weeks, must have a dimension linked to global health legal and/or policy questions, and must be authorized in advance by the Joint LL.M. Committee. Students pursuing an internship must submit an application to the Global Health Law Program Director at Georgetown Law and LL.M. Program Manager at the Graduate Institute at least one month prior to the beginning of the internship.

  • It is expected that most students will complete this requirement at an international institution in Geneva (such as the World Health Organization, UNAIDS, or the World Trade Organization) either during the 6-week period between the end of the Fall semester at Georgetown Law and the beginning of the Spring semester at the Graduate Institute, or during the summer upon completing the Spring semester at the Graduate Institute.

  • At the completion of the internship, students must submit a written report to the Global Health Law Program Director at Georgetown Law of no more than 5,000 words developing some of the themes and questions addressed during the internship. The report is graded and, in conjunction with completion of the internship, counts for 15 credits.

  • Students may undertake a dissertation instead of the required internship with the prior approval of both the Director of the Joint LL.M. at the Graduate Institute and the Director of the Global Health Law Program at Georgetown Law. A dissertation entitles the student to 15 credits. 

Contact Information
To learn more, please contact:
Sarah Roache, Director, Global Health Law LL.M.
Phone: (202) 662 - 6664
Email Address: Sarah Roache