J.D./LL.M. in National Security Law

The J.D./LL.M. Joint Degree in National Security Law is highly competitive, and only a select number of J.D. students will gain admission. Students must apply for admission to the program at the end of their 2L/3E year. Note that due to the course requirements of the program, students may only begin the LL.M. portion of the joint degree in the Fall semester.

This J.D./LL.M. joint degree program permits students who are still completing their J.D. degree to take national security law courses that will count both toward the J.D. degree and also toward an LL.M. degree in National Security Law. Students in this program are expected, while still J.D. students, to complete the 3-credit course International Law I and at least 6 additional credits in courses listed in the course schedule as counting toward the LL.M. in National Security Law ("qualifying National Security Law credits"). After receiving their J.D. degree, joint degree students complete the additional academic credits necessary to fulfill the requirements of the LL.M. degree in National Security Law. Regardless of the number of qualifying National Security Law credits completed during the J.D. phase of the program, all students are required, following conferral of the J.D. degree, to complete an additional 12 credits during the LL.M. phase, of which at least 9 must be qualifying National Security Law credits, including the Proseminar in National Security Law. Students may complete these additional credits on a full-time or part-time basis. Joint degree students are expected to complete their LL.M. credits within two years of receiving their J.D. degree.

For more information, contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.